What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the process of taking a digital image and printing it on a physical surface. With today’s technology digital printing mostly uses inkjet or digital laser printing and can be applied to nearly any material. The primary requirements of the process are to figure out the size, shape and material that will be required for the project, and then to create print ready artwork. Once you have those elements then you are ready to place an order with Advance Reprographics.

Why do you need digital printing?

Here you are, on a digital printing website that is the portal to the leading digital printing company in San Diego, CA. We’re guessing you need some digital prints. Just to prove that we also have a firm grasp of the obvious, we are also betting that you would like high quality digital printing, at great prices, with a fast turnaround time. Is that right? High five!

The first thing we need to find out is what you need produced and how it will be used. That will help us quickly narrow down your choices for sizes, materials, print ready art requirements and get your order moving. The fastest way for you to get started is to call us at (619) 297-7734. Of course, if you would like to look around our website a little more first, there is a lot of great info for you to discover.

Which of the following digital print solutions best fits your need?

Click on any of our digital print solutions below to learn more.


Full Color PrintingWith the latest in digital printing technology we can give your print a perfectly balanced mix of depth, contrast, hue and saturation to ensure every one of your prints is stunning.


Black and White PrintingWhether printing architectural plans, business documents, invitations, black and white photos or anything else you can think of, our black and white printing is high quality and affordably priced with a fast turnaround.

Large Format PrintingSigns, banners, architectural drawings, displays, presentations, campus maps, custom wallpaper, artwork… large format digital printing allows us to meet so many needs.

Sign PrintingWhether promoting a business or event, notifying the general public or celebrating a birthday… as the song goes “signs, signs, everywhere signs”, and we can make those signs for any occasion.

Banner PrintingBusinesses, events, sports teams, charities, bands, clubs, schools, universities, construction sites… there are so many needs and uses for banners that we could never list them all. But you know what you need digitally printed, right? Find out how we can help.

Poster PrintingWhether promoting the next blockbuster movie, doorbuster bargain, event, band, club or cause, we are the poster printing partner you need.

Architectural Drawing PrintingDo you have plans for a construction project that need to be printed and/or replicated? That’s called reprographics and as our name implies, reprographics are a big specialty of ours.

Display Board PrintingDisplay boards are often used in retail settings, at events, to accompany professional presentations or to help student presentations look more professional. We can help you make incredible display boards.

Point of Sale Display PrintingPoint of sale displays take advantage of increased dopamine levels in people who are about to buy something. Anticipation of making a purchase increases dopamine levels and whether people realize it or not, grabbing another item to add to their purchase adds to their body’s natural dopamine levels. This is why point of sale displays work so well. At Advance Reprographics we can help you create amazing POS displays by providing you with beautiful digital prints that will make your display demand the interest of the customer.

Campus Map PrintingDo you have a large campus like a university, convention center, hospital or sports complex and need a map so that people know where they are and how to find where they are going? Digital printing can do that.

Presentation PrintingDo you have a presentation coming up and need a masterful looking digitally printed poster or display? Advance Repro digital printing to the rescue! Great for students and professionals.

Art Poster PrintingDigital printed artwork reproductions or photos printed on canvas look amazing! Whether you are an artist looking for high quality reproductions, a photographer looking to offer canvas wrap prints to your customers, or an interior decorator with an eye for custom wall art… digital printing direct to canvas is another one of our specialties.

Custom Wallpaper PrintingAre you looking to turn a boring wall into something amazing? Whether for a retail store, studio, office or bedroom, Advance Repro offers the latest tech in digital printing custom wallpaper.

Invitation PrintingWhether a wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, we can create custom printed invitations that will impress your entire guest list.

Flyer PrintingAre you a realtor with a new listing? Perhaps you’re into guerrilla marketing and looking to get the word out on the street? Whatever it is that you are trying to promote, flyers can help and that’s where we come in.

Brochure PrintingWhether you are selling a product, service or an experience, brochures can serve a critical function in the customer journey. We can print brochures of any style using the latest digital printing technology.

Business Card PrintingWant to impress your newest contact? Give them a business card that is the product of Advance Reprographics digital printing, that will do the trick! Whether you have your own design, ready to go, or if you need some help creating a great new card.

Car Wrap PrintingWant to turn your car into a mobile billboard for your business? At Advance Reprographics we are experts at digital printing car wraps! We can help you design them, print them, even apply them on your vehicle.

For custom pricing call (619) 297-7734.

Drum Sticker PrintingAre you in a band? We can make custom kick drum stickers with your band logo. How awesome is that?!

Custom Printing QuoteThe great thing about digital printing is that we can print just about anything that you can imagine! There is no need too great, no idea too big… give us a call and let’s see what we can do to make your wildest dreams come true! Digital printing to the rescue! The best thing you can do right now is call (619) 297-7734.


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Do you have print ready artwork? Or do you need Graphic Design Services?

One of the most important steps in the printing process is the preparation of print ready artwork. At Advance Repro we understand that most of our clients are not professional graphic designers, some of them are, but most of our clients are just like you… and they need a little help.

Our expert staff will ensure that your art is print ready with up to 15 minutes of complimentary graphics work. Also, if your art requires more than 15 minutes of touch up, we can offer you incredible graphic design services too!

High Quality Digital Printing - Great Prices and Fast Turnaround

Ever since Larry Kosta Sr founded Advance Reprographics in 1963 the printing industry has undergone a dramatic revolution in nearly every area except one… customer expectations. 100% of our customers expect the highest quality printing, great prices and a fast turnaround and for over 50 years Advance Reprographics has been delivering on those expectations.

Our team of talented professionals is here to help you with our digital printing services every step of the way from concept to completion, and you can rest assured that your order will be processed on only the highest quality digital printing equipment.

The fastest way for you to get started is to call (619) 297-7734.